About Us

Our commitment
to the world

Our Value
Excalibur Service Company operates and maintains a diversified portfolio of energy efficiency solutions and lighting solutions. We provide tailor-made energy solutions to consumers, energy producers and companies. To create a sustainable commercial environment and protect the earth, we deliver energy saving solution with high-quality to reduce operating expenses.

Our Vision

To create complete energy saving solutions that can turn anywhere into an eco-friendly place.

Our Mission

create an environmental sustainability world that ensures future generations have the natural resources available to live an equal.

Core Values

Balance and Sustainability
Corporate Responsibility

Energy Reduction
1000 GWh
Energy Reduction
30000000 kg
Planting Over
1000 trees
We’ve sold
Pieces of LED lighting technology​
Our customers have saved
0.1 Million
Our customers have saved
In electricity savings
$ 0.1 m HKD

Your outstanding energy consultation service.